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    JPAT helps educate parents on what to expect during each developmental phase by providing valuable information and resources, while teaching traditional Jewish values to enhance the child’s success in school and provide a strong foundation for the Jewish home.

    Home Visits

    JPAT offers three personalized home visits from certified Jewish parent educators who are trained in child development to help parents understand what to expect at each stage of their child’s development using the nationally-developed Born to Learn™ Curriculum, which will help parents discover ways to encourage language development, intellectual growth, social development and motor skills. They also offer practical tips on managing challenging behaviors and promoting strong parent-child relationships. Each home visit will include a Jewish component such as a holiday observance or tradition.

    Developmental Screenings

    Developmental screenings offer parents a quick and effective way to look at how their child is learning and growing in the areas of health, vision, hearing, communication, physical development, problem solving and social/emotional development. JPAT offers developmental screenings to help identify whether or not a child is developing within the normal range for his or her age.

    The goal is to provide early detection of potential problems to prevent difficulties later in school. During the child’s appointment, parents will work with a screening specialist who will summarize the results of the child’s screening, provide parents with written results and make recommendations for follow up activities and/or refer the parent for additional help.

    These screenings should not take the place of regular checkups with a health professional.

    Resource Network

    Families can access other services integrated with Parents As Teachers programs in a broader early childhood program or can be helped in finding community services within the Jewish community and beyond.


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